Victim of Frankenmarketing?

Buzzinar BannerSo I was kicking back reading Omar Martin’s e-book “BuzzThread” (grab it right here), and along about page 13 a couple of comments really struck me and I wanted to share them with you here.

This was one of those AHA!… and No Duh moments at the same time.

A guy named Sean was lamenting the fact that in the internet marketing realm there is a ton of conflicting information. While he understands that traffic generation and list building should be the lead objectives for any internet marketer, he points out several contradictory methods that are constantly presented to new marketers from IM veterans. Here’s a taste of what has been popping the brain fuses:

  1. Pro: Start to build your list through Giveaways.
    Con: Stay away from Giveaways, you won’t get a list of buyers.
  2. Pro: Use Ad Swaps to build your list.
    Con: Don’t use Ad Swaps. No one will swap with you when you are just starting out.
  3. Pro: Use Traffic Exchanges to build your list.
    Con: Don’t use Traffic Exchanges. Only other marketers will be clicking your links.
  4. Pro: Use Social Networking to drive traffic.
    Con: Don’t bother with Social Networking. Marketers have spammed it to death and no one pays attention anymore.
  5. Pro: Use Article Marketing to drive traffic.
    Con: Article Marketing takes a huge time commitment and your traffic will die off if you aren’t consistent.
  6. Pro: Use PPC to drive traffic.
    Con: Stay away from PPC when you are a newbie or you will lose your shirt.

In the internet marketing world I can certainly attest to the fact, and you’ve most likely popped a few fuses yourself trying to figure out the best way to do things, that there is A LOT of information out there… and not all of it is congruent.

The simple fact of the matter is that there are a lot of different ways to accomplish the same goal. In fact, when someone figures out a new way, or a more efficient way, or a unique way to increase traffic or build a list fast they will usually make a system or a program or a membership site or sell a license to use it or whatever and then that gets added to the ever growing pile of internet marketing methods that are for sale.

The result is a dizzying number of ways to accomplish those two major goals… increase traffic and build a list.

Here is what a responder (Doug Champigney) said to the above concerns…

“The analogy I use is getting from point A to point B; You could go by plane, car, motorcycle or boat. Each works and will get you there, right?But if you take the wing from a plane, the wheels from a car, the windshield from the motorcycle and the outboard motor from the boat, you’ll go nowhere. So does that mean planes, cars, motorcycles and boats are useless transportation?”

I love that analogy. What he’s saying is that often time the internet marketer will take a bit from this program… implement part of another system… try a piece of yet another system they just bought from another guru… get upset that nothing is working and then look for something else to add to the mix. These people, I used to be one of them, will be on a never-ending hunt for the KEY. They are looking for that ONE thing that will make the skies open up and MAKE IT RAAAAAIIIN cash money!Trouble is, virtually every program or system touts the potential of huge bucks, or huge traffic, or huge lists. So when you read the sales letter or watch a sales video, you think you have finally discovered what you’ve been looking for… you buy it and dive right in to the material. You implement it as your absorbing it but you’re not getting the results you were promised. You think the product stinks… or maybe you think that there are some good nuggets of information but it is lacking in the REAL key.

So off you search for other pieces to add to your frankenmarketing plan.
And so it goes until you pull your hair out and yelling about being victimized by all these internet marketers… concept selling s.o.b.’s. The problem really isn’t them, it’s you. I know I know, you’re like WTF, dude?! Why blame me? Well, I can say this because I was there when I started out. Guess what?… it’s human nature. When you are just starting out you want to get to the top quickly. You soak up information as fast as you can grab it from pretty much any source that’s offering it for free (i.e.- sales letters disguised as content).

It’s a little easier to stop the rat race when you understand two things:

  1. For every marketer that puts out a program, there is a new or unique method to doing things. Right there should tell you that there are a ton of different ways of doing the same thing… increase traffic, build list. So stop trying to keep up and pick one.
  2. People can’t stand it when marketers build programs out of “rehashed” information. Those people are shunned and put out. Further emphasizing the drive to put out new and unique content, which should drive home the point that you are never going to, nor is it possible, to keep up with the latest marketing fad while trying to build and run your business. So stop trying, and pick one mentor.

Find one good mentor, maximum of two (but only if they compliment each other). If you choose two then please please please make sure the both philosophies jibe with each other in a consistant message. That is the key to successfully building your business, find a successful person to model and then MODEL! that means doing something. Nothing, and I mean nothing, is going to be handed to you. You have to do work to see results.This doesn’t end there though, it get’s a lot funner if you do this right. You see, once you do have a business up and running you can start to delve into these interesting new methods and apply some of them to your existing business and perhaps enhance your business in a positive way.

One off those ways is what Omar & Melinda Martin put together with their Buzzinar | Viral Funnel System. One of the key methods that I really liked is their way of not just getting leads from a giveaway item, but they also employ a method to get you to share their information with your friends.

For example, let’s say that you have an info product that you want to sell… you also have a giveaway that you use to collect leads (list building). Instead of just collecting the name and email address of the lead you make it a requirement that the lead “like” you on their facebook… OR they can choose to just send a pre-written tweet with the click of the button… OR an announcement about the free gift on linkedin, etc…

In this way you are not only getting the lead but you are also getting exposure to their friends. You make it easy for them to do it (just a quick click) and you make it required to get the gift. This is a fantastic way to build your list fast, virally.

Keep in mind what I said though, don’t get bogged down by the thousands of ways to do the same things, build your business first. Get something there THEN tweek it to make it awesome.

‘Til next time,


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