Dot Com Secrets X

Rating: 4/5

With Dot Com Secrets X, Russell really gets it… when you’re just starting out with internet marketing you either don’t have, or don’t want to spend a lot of money to get off on the right track...

Dot Com Secrets X is a well-established internet marketing membership site that has a large following and a pretty clean looking site that is thick with good information.

The site is owned by Russell Brunson, self-proclaimed internet millionaire and philanthropist of sorts with his charitable donations to Make-A-Wish and school building in Kenya, among others. Russell is personable and down to earth in style and delivery. The kind of guy that your spidey senses would clear as genuine.

Once you sign up for Dot Com Secrets X, you are presented with a well-organized members areas that is laid out exactly as described in the promo video, you can see the promo video here. Russell emphasizes the fact that he is different from other internet marketing experts in that he will place the burden of proof that you can make money online on himself. He does this by offering you access to a set of lessons, organized in a one lesson a day fashion.

The idea is to literally take you from not knowing jack about how to set up a website to owning your own internet property that makes money. Each lesson is a build-upon-the-last layout which, I have to say, is pretty sweet. The lessons are short, usually 30 minutes or less, and directly to the point. Each day you watch your lesson and then you implement what you’ve learn.

At the end of each lesson there are resources available in order to help you complete the tasks given. I think you will find that at least a couple of the days in there will take you more than one day to complete. There are other days (most of them) that you will be able to complete easy peasy… I used those days to catch up on the days that took a little longer.

In addition to the one lesson of the day format, Russell has designed the course so that you don’t skip ahead. He does this by allowing access to only 7 lessons per week. For me that was a little bit of a drag to learn at first because I wanted to be able to go at my own lightning speed. In fact I challenged myself to complete the 30 days in a week… that was quickly dashed in the first lesson where he explains the limitations he has imposed.

He says it’s because each lesson is important and should be treated the utmost diligence and care in order to complete the task thoroughly before moving on. In other words he knows how most people are, including myself… scan, evaluate, and then do or dismiss. His thinking is if he spreads it out you will focus more on each step and not be in such a hurry to evaluate the course as a whole.

Initially, my skeptical mind figured this to be a way get you right up to that last day of the trial… did I mention that it’s a 1 dollar trial for the full 30 days… and then pull rug out from under you so you have to keep going with the membership.

I thought this because you are literally unable to skip ahead to see what the last day’s lesson is… Does it end up with a money maker, or and “almost” money maker  where you need another month to really tie things down.

Spoiler alert ———- You end up with a money making site.

You could quit right there if you wanted to, and you’ve got a site that you have made money on… and you could continue to grow it on your own if you like. Or, you could reinvest some of the earnings that Russell taught you and really get into meat of how you can take you newly built site to blockbuster status and build a truly enriching internet business.

It’s really up to you, but the point of the whole system is for Russell to prove to you first that what he teaches is good. The idea is if it is… you get paid before the 30 days is up, so you are basically funding your next step before you have to pay anything. I really like that. If it works, keep it going… if it doesn’t, then don’t. Or re-evaluate whether it was the system or your own inaction that caused the breakdown.

Much of this review focused on the 30 days of daily lessons, and that’s important. But that’s only part of the story…

In addition to the lessons, you have access to what Russell calls “The Vault”, which is basically a collection of past and recent webinars and daily sketch instruction. There is a lot of really good information there.

There is also a resource section that is chock full of anything you may need to build on your business. In addition to that, there is a private facebook group with over 5,000 members who actually talk. This is a good place to bring up any issues that you’re having a hard time with. They are very helpful there and like being able to assist. Chances are, whatever problem you’re having has been had before and someone there can help you with it.

As I said before, if you continue to invest in your new business there is a huge amount of “ninja” type of information that will surely bring your internet business to top level stuff… The way I look at it is this – if it continues to pay you, keep feeding it.

In summary –

With the 1 dollar, 30 day trial you can’t miss. If you follow the lessons as outlined you WILL have a working, producing website at the end of it. If you screwed up or let it collect dust for 30 days, you won’t.

Support is there, the lessons are clear and concise. The site does what the owner claims. All you have to do is make a commitment to actually do what’s taught.

There are a lot of pros with Dot Com Secrets X. If there is anything that I can point out to be a negative it would have to be that you can’t have access to the full 30 day curriculum from the start. I understand why, but for those that tend to work fast and focused, it can slow you down. If that’s the case with you then just blow through your seven days and then check out “The Vault” to load your brain with other cool stuff.

If you haven’t checked out the video you can see it here: Click to see video


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