Considering Buying Solo Ads – Beware!

What about solo ads…

It’s kind of embarrassing to say but it was a long time before I even learned what the heck a solo ad was and how it could help me with my business. When I did find about them I was hooked.

I loved the concept… find a marketer with a large list, provide them with an email swipe with a link to your squeeze page w/free offer, pay a fee to the marketer to send to their list, and voilà you have new subscribers added to your list.

As an internet marketer who knows the value of your own list, you should have no doubts about the benefits of solo ads. Whether you’re just starting to build your list or you’re looking to add new subscribers to your growing list by doing ad swaps, solo ads buys and swaps are a great way to do it.

What may cause you trouble is when you actually go out looking for solo ad providers. Just doing a google search you will end up mired in super crappy looking websites and outlandish claims of a gazillion guaranteed clicks, opt-ins for cheap cheap cheap, right. There are so many offers that you are literally paralyzed, not knowing which one is good and which are just scams.

If you are just starting out the last thing you want is to get taken, again and again. Make no mistake… which ever one(s) you choose you WILL get the guaranteed click. You may even get some opt-ins. But here’s how you get them when you’re dealing with scammers:

1)      A lot of solo ad providers will have huge lists of freebie seekers (lowest class of marketing segment) and then resell these “Solo Ads” to people. They promise so many open clicks for your email and usually you can get some sign ups too. The problem is that the real value is to a marketer’s BUYER list. It is easy to get freebie seekers to sign up but many of these people will not buy anything.


2)      You will get sign ups to your offer but they are all seem to be from one place! More than likely the people you just signed up are sitting in “overseas sweat shops” and are paid a few pennies every time they join a list or do something related to this.


In addition to this, you may see your subscriber list dwindle back down to nothing in the coming week or two as the “unsubscribe” wave comes.


This has become big business and unsuspecting marketers, even the big names, fall for this scam all the time! The scammers are getting better with this scam as they are using software that rotates their IP’s or multiple proxies to cover their tracks.


If you do decide to try solo ads, or have tried them in the past but have not been satisfied with the results, make sure you do your homework on who is selling or is who wants to swap with you. Look for reviews and reputable places where other marketers have reported on the success of the list they ran their ad with.

There is a place called Safe-Swaps that can help you a lot in avoiding scammers. What Safe-Swaps does is provide you a platform where solo ad buyer and sellers can make transactions. The great thing about it is that all of the sellers are rated by past customers. You either perform well as a solo ad provider or you get a crappy rating.

This is great for the ad buyer in that you know what you can expect BEFORE you buy. Not only that, when you buy a solo ad you don’t usually buy just one… you don’t want to pound one persons list… you need to find another list… On Safe-Swaps you simply pick another provider and go again.

If you’re just out on the web you’re right back in the pool of seediness searching for a needle in haystack, a reputable solo ad provider. With Safe-Swaps you can go from one highly rated seller to another, building your list with quality subscribers all along the way.

You can check out Safe-Swaps here BUT, before you do I want to warn you about something…

When I first joined Safe Swaps I just signed up as a guest, you can do that too but let me tell you, you don’t get jack as a guest. They are a little hard-sell about getting you to sign up for full membership.

For example, when I signed up as a guest they were very apologetic, in that you made a stupid move by just having a guest membership tone, that I made the wrong decision in wanting to just be a guest. Then they went on to say that a guest member solo ad requests are generally ignored by solo ad providers.

I didn’t really like that… I like to actually try something before I buy or commit to a membership. But in this case they basically tell you that a guest membership is useless and I should get the full membership.

Well, despite being turned off by what I perceived to be a hard-sell tactic, I realized that what they were doing was simply being up front about my chances at a successful transaction as a guest. So I signed up for the full membership and, I have to say, I haven’t looked back since. I mean what a time saver, if nothing else.

Right now I am building a quality list, and getting sales from solo ads I purchased from sellers on Safe-Swaps. If you are at all interested in building you list I highly recommend it. If the only value you get is having a lot of providers all in one place, it’s totally worth the monthly fee… but it’s worth sooo much more than that.

Check it out here.


‘Til next time,